Vibrational Sound Healing
Laying on of Stones
Spiritual Counseling
Chakra Balancing​

​​Sessions are an hour long for $60. To schedule an appointment please call or email.
Email: ritualshealingarts@msn.com
Phone: 360 - 563 - 0580

Stacy Gauthier is the owner of the Little Shop of Light, a Certified Reiki Master and Vibrational Healer. She has studied spirituality and healing for over 25 years and has worked with people in a variety of different settings. Her intuitive knowledge, love of crystals and minerals led her to Reiki and Sound Healing.

She incorporates Crystal Singing bowls and Tibetan Singing bowls into the session, all depending on what she feels will benefit you the most. She has seven of the Crystal bowls that are each based on the chakras.

Healing Services

Reiki and Sound Healing

Intuitive Classes

Classes scheduled quarterly. Call or email for upcoming courses.Please also email to be added to the mailing list of upcoming classes or let me know of your interest in one!

A typical class runs 7 weeks for $140

However, prices may vary.

What is Reiki and Sound Healing?

Psychic & Tarot Readings with Kay!

​Reiki is a form of life force energy that encourages your body to become relaxed and healed. The base of Reiki is  that each of us have life energy that flows through our bodies and is the key factor in keeping us alive and well. If this life energy is empty or low, than we will often feel stressed, unhappy or sick. When its high, than we feel happy, enlightened and go about our daily lives. With this in mind, Reiki is conducted by the healer using their hands to channel energy into your body for the healing process. This helps treat not just the body but the mind, spirit and emotions. During a session, clients will feel a strong release of stress and a sense of deep relaxation. Afterwards you will feel more centered, lighter, rejuvanated and peaceful.

Sound Healing is an effective and proven method that uses sound vibrations from Singing Bowls that are "singing" in a variety of different rhythms. These rhythmic sounds cause the brain to travel farther into the Theta and Alpha frequencies of brain waves, which allow us to be in a more meditative state. This form of healing work is excellent for a better well being and improved health. Often creates a refreshing sense of profound peace, a higher consciousness, diminishes pain and aids in lowering stress in both the mind and body. The most common feelings clients experience after their session are clarity, more energized, enhanced memory and peace of mind. 

Consult Kay for:

Life Guidance

Energy Work


Decision Making

Spirtual Healing

​Emotional and Spirtual Support


Reading the probabilities for actions to strengthen getting what you want

Session Rates

15 minutes - $20

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $80

​"My goal as a heart centered healer and spiritual catalyst is to assist you in a sacred manner towards healing and wholeness with mindfulness and compassion. The techniques I use will allow you to access your own unlimited strength and resources for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being so that your Authentic self can shine through."    

                - Stacy

Kay is here in the shop on Fridays from 11 to 4 pm!

Little Shop of Light

1012 1st St.​  Snohomish, WA 98290
​(360) 563 - 0580

Sunday - Tuesday   12 to 5
Wednesday - Saturday   11 to 5

Come get your reading done with our talented Kay Ridgway, who has over 35 years of helpful experience enriching people's quality of life! She does Psychic Readings, Healing Sessions, Tarot Readings, Reiki Energy Work and Astrology Sessions.